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Neurodiverse supports at Airports in Ireland

By Kane Farrell

With the pandemic having eased its grip on the travel industry, airports have become as crowded as ever, with large number of people flocking back to holiday destinations and those eager to see family once again. With this increase in air travel once again we have looked at some of the useful supports that are available to those passengers with neurodiverse needs, with information and advice on how to access them.

Dublin Airport:
There are a number of supports for neurodivergent travel, including an Important Flyer's lanyard or wristband. The lanyard or wristband is a useful indicator for airport staff whom, when asked, can provide special assistance in busy or noisy places throughout the airport; as well as being able to access a specially built sensory room, to help calm passengers who may be overwhelmed by the experience.
Further information on how to obtain the Important Flyer lanyard/wristband can be found on Dublin Airport’s website.

Shannon Airport:
Over in Limerick Shannon airport has a programme for children using an orange baseball caps and wristbands system for identification allow staff to be cognisant of providing additional assistance where required. They also provide a specially built sensory room available for passenger use. Furthermore, the airport has tour videos of the terminal to help with visual familiarisation, as well as pre-arranged tours in preparation for flying which can be accessed in advance of travel to help make the experience less overwhelming.
Additional information on all of Shannon Airport’s supports on their Passenger Assistance webpage.

Cork Airport:
Cork Airport provides a number of supports for neurodivergent people travelling, including the provision of Sunflower Lanyards to convey to staff those who have a hidden disability and may require additional assistance, time or patience during their travel experience. Other supports provided include; Suzie Books which helps readers navigate through unfamiliar situations; and a visual airport guide in pdf format.
You can find further information on the services available in Cork Airport's website.
Or you can find out more about the Sunflower Lanyard and how to get one on the Hidden Disabilities website.

Alternatively, if you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on (01) 415 12 85 or e-mail [email protected]