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Essential principles for creating an accessible and inclusive environment for clients, developers, and contractors

Symbols for wheelchair user, sign language, person with walking cane and brain.In the UK the Construction Industry Council (CIC) have published what is the second in a series of guidelines on creating an accessible and inclusive environment aimed to support clients, developers and contractors to achieve high standards of access and inclusion in all their projects.

Guidance is presented as six essential principles for creating an inclusive environment with the intention of identifying to those who own and pay for developments – essentially those with the power and authority to demand inclusion, on how their influence can have a huge effect on accessibility and inclusivity.

The six essential principles are:

1.    Champion and commit to achieving an accessible and inclusive environment in your strategic vision

2.    In your Project Brief set out what tools, mechanisms and processes you will use to implement an Inclusive Development Process

3.    Structure your Budget from the outset for implementing your Inclusive Design Strategy

4.    Make addressing inclusive design principles a requirement of your Procurement Process and in your development agreements

5.    Use Access and Inclusive Design Expertise throughout the process and engage and consult effectively with diverse users

6.    Monitor and Appraise the outcomes of your approach and use lessons learnt to enhance future projects

Each of the six principles is expanded to support, guide and motivate clients, developers and contractors as the leaders in the construction industry. If leaders in the industry champion inclusion, then those employed to design, construct and manage projects will have to respond to the challenge of achieving the high standards demanded. Practical case study examples are used to identify in real terms how the six principles can positively impact on inclusivity an accessibility for all.

For further information about the CIC Essential Principles Guide for Clients, Developers and Contractors, please click here.

For a PDF copy of the Essential Principles Guide for Clients, Developers and Contractorsplease click here.

Alternatively, if you need further information or advice in relation to making your construction/development project more accessible please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on (01) 415 12 85 or e-mail [email protected].