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Make Way Day

The summer of 2021 saw a large uptake in the number of people dining outdoors due to Covid 19 restrictions. Pubs, restaurants and cafés across the country started providing additionally outdoor seating options where possible to ensure they were able to fulfil the need level of demand. With added street furniture, specifically in the cities and built-up areas, it’s more important now than ever to ensure that adequate pathways are kept clear for people with disabilities.

The annual “Make Way Day” event, this year having taken place on 24th of September, aims to highlight the obstacles that people with disabilities face every day along pathways. Lead by The Disability Federation of Ireland, along with various advocacy groups, the event invites participants to survey their area and expose obstructions on the pathways such as, parked vehicles, trash bins/bags, sandwich boards, and much more.
Using an online tool where users can upload photos of the obstacle and its location, the event hopes to be able to compile the reports and create an inclusive map of Ireland. With this information, they can review the results and help to remove the barriers identified.
We should aim to be cognisant of the barriers that are created by overcrowded or blocked patches however “Make Way Day” is an annual opportunity to be extra vigilant. Taking part in the event can help to ensure that pathways are kept clear and do not become barriers for people with disabilities.
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