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New inclusive playground and leisure area in Cork

Crann has revealed a design for a new inclusive and accessible playground to be built in County Cork. Crann is a charity that provides lifelong support to families living with neuro-physical disabilities in Ireland, including spina bifida, cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury. Their design was composed to optimise its use by as many people and cover as many abilities as possible, using the concept of Universal Design. 
During the design stage Crann asked children, teenagers and adults with disabilities what they wanted in their playground. Crann found the people who were interviewed didn’t mention specific equipment, but spoke about experiences, such as speed and movement. Based on the feedback they received that is what Crann focused on providing. 
In the planned playground, there will be something for everybody. It will feature a giant pirate ship with ramps that everyone can access. This pirate ship will have the highest point in the playground and the design will mean everybody will be able to reach the highest point, which is often the most fun place and where everyone gravitates. There will also be swings for all users, slides, climbing frames, nets and opportunity for risk. There will also be a sensory garden, it will be filled with edible plants and vibrant fragrances; all in planters at multiple heights to suit all users. There will also be an accessible basketball court. 
Crann have stated a major influence on the design was promoting Independent Living skills. The inclusion of the BBQ area and pizza oven will offer a space to learn food preparation skills. There is also a number of picnic tables and seating areas provided, that include multiple mixed ability seating. An additional influence for this was to provide a location that people can use for parties and not have to worry about the seating, parking and access or accessible facilities in both the play equipment provided and other facilities.
For further information on Crann and the playground and leisure area development click here
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