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Logitech’s Adaptive Gaming Kit Wins 2020 Design Awards for Products

Video games have been a great source of entertainment for more than five decades, and one of the reasons they are so enjoyable is the chance they give a person to disconnect from their reality, transporting them to another world where they can take on the role of different characters. This experience, however, for some people with limited dexterity, may not be as easy as it is for other users, where the simple action of holding and interacting with a joystick or controller is more difficult.

In looking to make video games more accessible to a wider range of people, Microsoft launched the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018, a unified hub for devices that allows users to connect switches, buttons, joysticks, and mounts in order to create a custom controller that suits the user’s needs and abilities. This solution has, while innovative, does not include the additional controllers, so where could someone get all those pieces?

Logitech has created the Adaptive Gaming Kit, the winner of the 2020 Innovation by Design Awards for Products, which can provide the additional controllers needed to create an accessible gaming setup. The company looked to deconstruct a typical controller into its individual components to allow a user to create their own perfect version of a controller. The Kit includes three large format buttons and three small buttons that can be stepped on or hit with a forehead or elbow. It also includes four microswitches that need nothing more than a finger tap to be activated, as well as two pressure-sensitive triggers that can work as gas pedals, allowing variable, pressure-based input.

The gaming kit can offer a way for more people to experience the fun of video games and allow them to escape their reality. The controller and gaming kit allow people with a wide range of abilities to remove the obstacle of a typical controller and the limitations of standard gaming accessories, allowing them to immerse themselves in another world where they can escape their reality and enjoy everything that the video game has to offer.

Solutions like the adaptive gaming kit from Logitech are great to see how industries are actively looking to make experiences, products and environments more accessible to more people. Five decades ago, the world was very different and video games were new and exciting to so many people, particularly younger people. With Microsoft’s & Logitech’s new solutions video games are new and exciting for so many more people.

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