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Accessibility Update for Airbnb

Last month, Airbnb launched an update for their search filters and accessibility review process. The aim of this update is to ensure people with disabilities are better catered for on the accommodation booking platform.

With the update, hosts can upload photographs of accessible features at the property for review by specialist agents in Airbnb. The agents will determine if the feature will be suitable for people with disabilities. Suzanne Edwards (Head of hosting Accessibility) has stated that agents are trained using a set of accessibility photo standards. As of last month, Airbnb have reviewed and approved 100,000 accessible features in 25,000 various properties around the world.

In addition to the review process, Airbnb has updated its search filters. Searches such as step-free bedroom and accessible parking will now be shown more prominently. Other search items have been made more precise and clear, for example, “wide entrance to bedroom” has been updated to “bedroom entrance wider than 32inches”.

The update not only applies to the properties themselves, but also experiences in the area. Guests can now filter experiences in the host area using 11 accessibility filters, which include; sign language, accessible bathrooms, and takes place on flat ground. Similar to properties, experiences will need to submit photographs of the accessible features for review.

During a 2017 study, it was found that hosts were more likely to not accept guests with disabilities. Since then, Airbnb has updated their accessible features a number of times to help cater for people with disabilities.

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