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Access Auditing CPD

By Tyler Phillips

As part of OHAC’s aim to provide continuous professional development (CPD) for our team and stay informed on new developments, our staff recently completed an in-house session on Access Auditing. This allows our staff to be able to provide clients with the most up-to-date advice on accessibility and Universal Design.

As access consultants and ancillary certifiers, our primary focus is to ensure the built environment is designed and built in line with Part M of the Second Schedule of the Building Regulations. Although many existing buildings do not need to comply with Part M Technical Guidance Document 2010 (TGD M 2010) from a compliance point of view, it is best practice to assess existing buildings with an audit. This provides an outline of the existing levels of accessibility achieved and where modifications are needed for improvements. and promote upgrades to improve accessibility.

The training course reviewed several important aspects of Access Auditing including:

A three-day course, “Universal Design and Accessibility Training” can be provided for clients to learn more about access auditing. It also gives more information on accessibility and Universal Design, and the importance of creating accessible buildings and services.

Training in access auditing is beneficial in promoting accessibility and providing information on the latest legislation and guidance documents. By carrying out access audits, we are aiming to remove existing barriers that people with disabilities are facing within the built environment.

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