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Facilitation and training for a local Disability Consultation Group in the development of their 2015-2017 Action Plan

In January 2015, OHAC was engaged by a local Disability Consultation Group to facilitate in the development of their 2015-2017 Action Plan. The main aim of the Disability Consultation Group is to advice their local authority on making the services within their county more accessible for everyone and to ensure the local authority delivers on access.  The group's main focus is to:

As part of the project OHAC facilitated an interactive workshop which included a review of the groups progress to date; identified the positive work the group had been carrying out; identified the key accessibility requirements that needed to be improved and identified changes that would allow the group to work more efficiently.

Following on from the workshop OHAC prepared an Action Plan for the group which included five high level actions and a breakdown of the key stages to complete the tasks.

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