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Access audits – Are you aware that an access audit is much more than an assessment of building accessibility?

Inclusive access is achieved by eliminating barriers, both physical, attitudinal and procedural, which may otherwise inhibit the full participation of the whole community. This means that when organisations are reviewing (auditing) the accessibility of their services they will need to consider their approach to such things as:

Therefore an access audit must be much more than assessing quantitative data such as door widths and ramp gradients. An access audit should also measure the accessibility and usability of the service being provided within the building to ensure all people regardless of age, size or ability can equally participate and access the service.

O’Herlihy Access Consultancy has developed a number of templates to assist organisations assess their buildings, services and information.  If you would like further information on access auditing, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01-4151285 or [email protected]